The Oil Boiler

Who's Pulling Your Strings?

In a secret nightclub run by assassins, who lives? Who dies? And what does God have to say about it? Welcome to the Oil Boiler, the twisted tale of Leon Nesrac, a neurotic hitman who has lost his mind and possibly his nerve. In the moments after killing his lover, Leon converses with his selves and God about the nature of free will and his attempt to come to terms with the person he was, is, and will remain.

Written by Tyson Schroeder and Christian Hankel
with original music by Christian Hankel and Jeff Freling.
Musical arrangements by Jeff Freling.
Produced by Erin McGrane, Christian Hankel, Tyson Schroeder and Jeff Freling.

The Oil Boiler is the collaborative creation of a group of Kansas City artists across the disciplines of theatre, music, and the visual arts. Staged on a set designed by award-winning architect James Pastine and visual artist Tyson Schroeder, the actors interact with and around a live jazz combo, puppets, a side show emcee and the omnipresent voice of GOD.

Now available on CD
"The Oil Boiler: Original Cast Recording"
featuring Victor California and the Dead Ringers
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The Oil Boiler

Original Cast Recording

This soundtrack sizzles with hot jazz jams, hard slow kansas city swings, soulful ballads and romping show tunes. Featuring all of the original songs composed for the play, recorded in a two-day live session.

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Victor California and the Deadringers are:

  • Victor California (Jeff Freling) – guitar
  • Suggo Tarasov (Jeffrey Rukaman) – piano
  • Jimmy "The Screw" Golconda (Johnny Hamil) – bass
  • Tortuga Dientes (Kent Burnam) – drums


  • Miss Holly Red (Shay Estes) – vocals
  • James "Preacher" Zebiah (Cody Wyoming) – vocals

It's a hit, man.

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The Oil Boiler

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The Oil Boiler

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The Oil Boiler


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